2008 Pre-Reunion Events Photos
Dwanye Owens, Rob McCulloch, Rich Hachenburg, Len Fortnash Rich Hachenburg in his Yankees hat Hach, Len, Rob Joey Fortnash, his dad Joe, Dwayne with football
Rich in his Yankees shirt, Bennett Vivano ’77, Rich Fitzgerald Hach adorning the PATRIOTS shirt for having lost a bet to Robbie On the right-hand side Lena and reunion golf champion Dwane Owens
Fitzy with PR Paula Radler Pianta greets fan club President First gal to join the sharks Dena Terrant Weinstein – Baker Extraordinaire
Rochelle Matza ’79, Mark Rogers and his wife Diane Grace Anderson Hall with Rob who is adorning a blue shirt because of a lost bet Former baseball star attempting to steal second base
Joan Migatz Noto surrounded by a couple class clowns Fitzy keeping abreast of the situation Rochelle, Hach, and Dena