2008 Saturday Night Gala
    Football Stars Jim Phillps, Jay Herman, and Dave "Pain Train" Kuzemchak
The following 64 pictures from the camera of classmate John Woolnough
Joan Migatz Noto and Paula Radler Pianta
Candy and Rich Hachenburg with Debbie and Tom Walker
picture 5391 Patti Boston Boras
Jeff Parisi and Jimmy Johnson Jimmy Johnson and Cindy Lawson
Table shot – picture 5403 Ray Giratana (left) and Steve Hanofsofski accept wine from Rich Hachenburg (center)
picture 5393 picture 5394
picture 5395 picture 5404a
picture 5406; picture 5409a
picture 5410a picture 5411a
picture 5412a picture 5414a
picture 5413 picture 5415
picture 5416 picture 5423a
picture 5418a picture 5426a
picture 5427a picture 5428a
picture 5430 picture 5431
picture 5432a picture 5433
picture 5434a picture 5435
picture 5435a picture 5436
picture 5436a picture 5439
picture 5440a picture 5442a
picture 5445a picture 5446
picture 5446a picture 5454a
picture 5448 picture 5450a
picture 5452 picture 5456a
picture 5459a picture 5462a
picture 5463a picture 5468a
picture 5464a picture 5465a
picture 5469a picture 5470
picture 5471 picture 5472a
picture 5473 picture 5475a
picture 5476a picture 5477a
picture 5479 picture 5483
picture 5486a picture 5487a
The following 4 pictures from the camera of classmate Amy McCall
Kathy Tellup Bobby Lechler
Grace Anderson Hall and Katrina Hundley