Reunion Info

Thank you to the over 250 Miramar High alumni and guests who attended the 77 – 81 class reunion on October 11, 2014. Thanks also to the former faculty who joined us, Bill Bancroft, Lora Mills, June Wiggins-Capezza, Nick Capezza and Coach Jim Scroggins. Thank you to the families and friends of the committee who gave them the understanding and time to plan the event.Thank you to the organizing committee who lent their personal talents and professional resources to make it a success, especially to:

  • Joan Migatz Noto who called and pulled us all together to plan
  • David Bronstein who lent us the use of his office conference room for the monthly wine tasting party, I mean committee meetings
  • Michele Gargiulo-Gardner who negotiated with the Marriott until they gave everything we needed and most of what we desired from them
  • Rochelle Matza for handling all the financial accounting
  • Patty Williams Tully, an amazing “administrative assistant”
  • Wendy Powell for handling of the entire slide show
  • Sharon Weinstein-Cutler for the goody bags and donations
  • Lynda Koplowitz-Cherico for supplying reunion appropriate photo booth props!
  • The Amazing balloon arch committee chaired Lynda & John Cherico, Ralph Magliochette, Randy Hunsinger, Ivy Lynn-Delfino, Wendy Powell, Barry Mendelson and Rochelle Matza
  • Michele Forzano-Bosanti. & Glen DeRosa – music during band breaks
  • Robin Goldman-Reed for getting the photo booth
  • Richard Hachenburg for web content, schedule details and being our emcee
  • Kim Craig-Dejura for contacting Class of ’77 alumni and provided ’77 memorabilia
  • Lucy Garcia-Linder for people search and maintaining databases
  • the other committee members, who came to meetings, gave their support and for the hard work for things we have overlooked.

Thank you to our corporate sponsors, Alma Wealth Management (Joe Jiovenetta), Herman Insurance Group (Jay Herman), Ivy Lynn-Defino CPA

Thank you to Doug, Lenny and Joe who provided music for the Saturday evening cocktail hour and to Valerie Tyson and her band who provided the music for the dinner/dance.

Keeping watching, because some time in the future there will be another one. Tell everyone who passed it up that they missed a great time.