2008 Friday Night Happy Hour
Joan Migatz Noto talking with Rays fan Tom Walker Debbie Walker, Jay Herman, and Candy McCulloch Katrina Hundley, Lena Bonanno Owens and Theresa D’Agastino Donaldson
Running back John Lennon and Coach Bushinski Susan Morales Walters, poses with Patty & Richard Fitzgerald Dwyane Owens, Rich Hachenburg, Rocky Bonawitz, and Rob McCulloch
Gail Newman poses with Rob McCulloch Rich Fitzgerald with Jimmy Johnson who flew in from Colorado Dave Kuzemchak and Tom Phllips look through Coach B’s scrapbook
Donna Berry, Jay Herman and Joan Migatz Noto behind the flowers John Lennon poses with his cool first wife Golf star Scott Modist poses with track star Joan Migatz Noto
Dwayne Owens laughs it up with Rocky Bonawitz who came in from North Carolina Rochelle Matza poses with Lynda Murphy Bartley who flew in from Texas Rick Gonder and Katrina Hundley are all smiles
White Sox fan Paula Radler Pianta flew in from from Chicago John Lennon in a familiar position, begging for Janice Dauskat Valentine for attention Mets fan Ed DeMicco, trust me kids Eddie was unbelievably fast
The Perry Connection? Michael Collin, Ed DeMicco, Shari Eason, and Dwyane Owens Grace Anderson Hall, Tim McCabe, June Berry Bunn, and Amy McCall Grace Anderson Hall, Rob McCulloch, Bobbi Resler, Amy McCall, and Yolanda Pare Falcone
Dena Tarrant Weinstein poses with Steve Hanusofski Paul Angelestro, Rich Hachenburg, Cindy Lawson Parisi, and Brett Bartlett Rich Hachenburg, Jello Shot Queen Cindy Lawson Parisi, and Brett Bartlett
Donna McGuire, L Hapsei, Vicki Mulkey, Sharon Picarello Bosini and Ronald Dayka Rob McCulloch and Rick Gonder go back to Mr. Ulmer’s 5th grade Richard Fitzgerald, Patti Boston Borras, Gary Ventre, Beth Grimsley Krajewski, Bob Dowling, and Scott Krajewski
Harvey Solomon, Mark Rogers, Ray Giarratana, Tony Raitano, and Michael Collin Theresa D’Agastino Donaldson with quarterback Rich Hachenburg Laurence Erbivelli poses with Tony & Jane Raitano discuss band camp stories
Coach Bushemi poses with line backer Dave Kuzemchak Cindy Faunhauser, Carol Hesley Ross, and Patti Boston Borras Rob McCulloch on the couch with Terri Thomas Hanna and Amy McCall
Shari Eason Appel poses with baseball star Quinde Falcone    
The following 6 pictures from the camera of classmate Amy McCal
  Terri Thomas Hanna poses with Mark DiLeonardo Ray, Dennis, Mark, Terri, and Larry  
  Rick Gonder Terri Thomas Hanna